Fresh Off The Yacht

by SniperShot

Yea, What's Good It's Your man SniperShot Fresh off the yacht Fresh off the dock Know What I'm Talkin Bout Ay From the yachts of Tonga To the mean streets of LA Ac said OK Snipes are you ready? Got these rappers callin mayday Don't really care what they say When my eyelids is heavy But my pen moving steady Pen in one hand Spliffy in the other Puffin with my older brother LA city like no other Cars and people movin fast Fresh graffiti, flower, wax Side streets full of trash AC hate that word boom bap It's been 4 long years Lot has happened in my life Since I was walkin Hookah Under K-Town city lights Not my girl anymore Not my father anymore Not my dog anymore Who is Snipes anymore? Went to Tonga to be Living on the ocean sea Back in city with the wings Rappin with AC PD Uncle had heart surgery Don't know future uncertainty Stay true to heart that's certainty Words live on to infinity Eat the Mic at HQ Like it's DQ It's still the same Snipes Swangin that hoodoo What you really want to do Open your heart and spit the truth If you dig down deep You'll find the rhythm is the root


Fresh from living on a sailboat on the South Pacific Ocean, SniperShot teams up with AC The Program Director to bring you "Fresh Off The Yacht". AC and Snipes link up in Los Angeles during Snipes first week back in America to bring you this EP. The contrast from sailing from island to island to being back in the city streets of Los Angeles was quite a contrast. Even though SniperShot used to live in LA, it was surprising. The conditions really made him reflect on how he wants to spend his time on this planet. Which has further solidified his vision to purchase a sailboat, build a studio and edible garden on board and travel the world.


released November 15, 2019

Tracks 1-3 Produced by AC The Program Director
Track 4 Produced by Moswan The General
Recorded and Mixed by AC The PD at Hip Hop Philosophy HQ in Los Angeles


all rights reserved



SniperShot Dallas, Texas

SniperShot is changing the over saturated, materialistic-driven hiphop industry by bringing out universal deep truths through his words and music that transcend all boundaries.

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